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Watery (foamy) liquid packaging line

Viscous liquid packaging line

Email:fiona_ztpack@hotmail.com  fiona_dingfeifei@yahoo.comThe most five superiorities of ZT-PACKThe professional bottle packing lines

High efficiency --high qualified rate, high capacity, fast changing

  • High qualified rate:

    The single machine is with high qualified rate, and the whole line is equipped with several testing systems, both to ensure that each product 100% qualified.

  • High capacity:

    The single machine is fully developed the yield, and the whole line is also equipped with intelligent coordination system, 20% higher capacity than the similar machines.

  • Fast changing:

    Modular design, Digital marking indicator, Fast installation structure, to ensure the rapid change.

Economize manpower --less labor, simple operation, easy maintenance

  • Less labor:

    The whole line is coordinated control, only one operator is enough.

  • Simple operation:

    The whole line is humanized design with automatic operation. The operator can easily master it after simple training.

  • Easy maintenance:

    The easy disassembly structure is easy to maintain and repair.

Running stable --low failure rate, service in advance, corrosion resistance

  • Low failure rate:

    The high quality components are applied to stand wear and tear.

  • Service in advance:

    Regular return service to solve the potential faults

  • Corrosion resistance:

    The high quality anti-corrosion materials are applied for the agrochemical industry. The special material is used in specific occasion to ensure the corrosion resistance.

Clean working --no drip, easy to clean, no dust or odor

  • No drip:

    The filling process is well sealed and with recycling device.

  • Easy to clean:

    no dead leg design, meet the GMP certification requirements, fast cleaning and no residue.

  • No dust or odor:

    The whole line can be equipped with recycling device.

Nice appearance -- steady, meticulous work, running smoothly

  • Steady:

    The particular material is used to ensure stable.

  • Meticulous work:

    Each component is made according to the requirements of art.

  • Running smooth:

    The packing process is both smooth and accurate.

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