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Pesticide Piston Servo Filling Machine


Pesticide Piston Servo Filling Machine

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Product description

Machine Description :

Automatic linear piston filling machines is an extremely flexible piston fillers capable of filling accurately and rapidly a wide variety of products from low viscosity liquids to high viscosity paste or cream with or without chunks or particulates. Widely used in food industry(e.g.,paste filling machine, butter filling machine, jam filling machine, ketchup filling machine, honey filling machine, edible oil filling machine, sauce filling machine etc); household product industry(e.g.,shampoo filling machine, liquid soap filling machine, liquid detergent filling machine, hand wash filling machine etc), personal care industry(e.g.,cream filling machine, lotion filling machine, gel filling machine, perfume filling machine etc); Chemical industry(e.g., grease filling machine, lubricant filling machine etc); pharmaceutical industry(e.,g ointment filling machine, e liquid filling machine etc).
Automatic linear piston filler is designed for completely automatic, multiple position, inline dispensing of liquids and pastes in volume ranging from 5ml to 5000m per cycle. Available in 6, 8, 10,12 and 16 nozzle configurations to match specific production requirements, Dual lane option is available to increase production by 100% while preserving valuable line space.
Linear piston liquid filling machinery is manufactured with a 304 stainless steel frame, It comes standard with PLC control and touch screen HMI ensuring reliable, repeatable control with minimal operator intervention, Precision bored, heavy-walled metering cylinders dispense product at accuracy up to +/- 0.5%, High-precision, servo motor driven screw movement faster and more precise than pneumatic system, food grade stainless steel and plastics for sanitary operations or use,anodized aluminum components, plus many more features available with motorized conveyor and indexing package for integrated container handling and positioning, No container/No fill feature detects missing or mispositioned containers to prevent waste and product spillage. Unique variable, separate speed control and actuator of a dual-stage fill provides precise "no spill" control for top-off applications or filling difficult products.

Suitable For The Liquids :

food industry(e.g.,paste, butter, jam filling machine, ketchup , honey, edible oil , sauce ,salad dress... etc);
Oil industry ( e.g ., cooking oil , lube oil ,brake oil ...)
household product industry(e.g.,shampoo , liquid soap , liquid detergent, hand wash... etc)
personal care industry(e.g.,cream filling machine, lotion filling machine, gel filling machine, perfume filling machine etc)
Chemical industry(e.g., agrochemicals , fertilizer , SC ,pesticide ,grease filling machine, lubricant filling machine etc)
pharmaceutical industry(e.,g ointment filling machine, e liquid filling machine etc).


Key Features









2200×1100×2200mm (L×W×H)

2300×1100×2200mm (L×W×H)

2400×1100×2200mm (L×W×H)

Filling head








2200 B/H

2800 B/H

3200 B/H

4500 B/H


1.1 KW

1.5 KW

1.5 KW

2.2 KW


Suitable bottle

Diameter:Φ40mm——Φ100mm  Height:80mm——280mm

Filling accurate

≤200ml+ - 1% 
200-1000ml+ - 0.5%
1000-5000ml+ - 0.5%

Neck diameter


Filling range

50ml——1000ml, 1000ml-5000ml

Air pressure


Power supply

380V  ;50HZ


Main Technical Parameter

1.Capacity max 4500 bottles per hour
2.filling volume 50-1000ml, 1000ml-5000ml
3.measurement precision 50-200ml: ±1%;  200ml-1000ml:±0.5%; 1L-5L: ±0.5%
4.applicable bottle diameter 40-100mm
5.applicable bottle height 60-300mm
6.air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
7.total power 1.5Kw
8.voltage AC380V,50/60Hz
9.net weight 1000kg
10.dimension 2200(L)×1100(W)×2200(H)mm


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