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Automatic Linear Twist Capping Machine --Screw Type


Automatic Linear Twist Capping Machine --Screw Type

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Product description

Machine Name : Automatic Linear Twist Capping Machine 

Type : FXZ-160A



Machine Description : 


This automatic inline capping machine has four speed-adjustable motors which separately used in lid-arranging, bottle-clamping, lid-capping and conveying and the machine use bottle-clamping belt to ensure the bottles not fall down when lid sleeving and capping, this capping machine has simple structure, good steadiness, adjust convenient, no need to change spare parts, only need some adjustment. Suits for the round shape,rectangular flat shaped and irregular shape bottle capping for foodstuff,pharmacy,cosmetic,daily chemical,fertilizer and chemical industry.

This automatic capping machine is used for closing screw caps, it is made up by 3 parts: cap feeding system, cap loading system and cap closing system.
Linear structure which is flexible to run different size bottles without change parts.
Cap feeding system will be made according to cap sample( by vibrating bowl or cap elevator) .
It is also suitable for closing pump cap, trigger cap (cap feeding and loading by manual).
PLC control system and touch screen is available for your option. 
Simple system and easy operation, the machine is widely used on foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic, daily chemical, fertilizer and chemical industries.



Major characteristics :


It's suitable for various material and figure containers,such as plastic bottles , glass bottle , and metal bottles .

change easily

No bottle ,no cap falling .

Sorter selections machine , conveyor machine ,cap tightening machine , bottle clamping strap can be adjusted to meet the requirements for various bottles and caps . 



Details Pictures :



Processing Way :



Key Features :


Place and torque a wide range of cap types including

Flat caps,oval caps, flip top caps, pull spouts, safety caps, children proof caps, sport caps, over-caps with induction seals

Handle a variety of bottle types including PET, PP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, and Glass as well as various shapes and sizes

Heavy duty stainless steel 304 frame construction and anodized aluminum components

C-frame design rolls up to existing conveyor

Vibratory or centrifugal for option depending on caps

An optional cap elevator used to increase efficiency

Variable speed drive controls for spindle wheels and gripper belts

Stainless steel cap chute, tool-less for ease of changeover

A cap stabilizer to assist in starting caps

Gripper belt assembly with adjustable bottle gripper belts

Six tightening spindles (three sets)

Individually adjustable spindles with locking knobs

Power height adjustment for different bottle heights

Tool free changeover for different bottle and cap sizes

Caster mounted for portability with vibration resistant levelers

Easy removable body access panels

No capping machine operator necessary once caps are in sorting device




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