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Date Printer

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Print head and ink:
1. Control the * forming of each ink drop to ensure beautiful and uniform ink-jet code;
2. High printing speed and good printing quality;
3. Real printing head automatic cleaning, without manual intervention, reduce the waste of cleaning;
4. New ink to solve the printing fastness (adhesion) of the "difficult surface material";
5. Nozzle sealing solenoid valve technology ensures that the air is completely isolated from other external environment after cleaning.
New ink, new function:1. The new high reliability i-pulse ink can directly contact with food and meet the harsh use environment;
2. The new ink can maintain high adhesion and high contrast even after strict post printing treatment, such as steaming (sterilization), airflow freezing, etc;
3. Provide black, blue, yellow, red, white and other inks to provide a lasting logo for your products.
Clean and clear printing quality:
1. Multi line information printing, high resolution printing effect. It can print a lot of data information at a faster speed;
2. Meet the application environment of high speed and high output;
3. The printing quality is better, which is more in line with MRC and OCR systems, and the reading rate is high

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