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The machine absorbing foreign advanced technology,Using the bag first,then working process of the packing,the machine adopts microcomputer PLC programmable control,photoelectric sensor,adopt servo motor to feeding,the filling way can use mertering pump, piston cylinder,measuring cup different ways,accurate measurement,can be used in the three edge sealing and four edge-sealing aluminium film bag packaged products.This machine can be double bag small measuring packaging,can make the packaging speed faster.Equipment widely uesd in food,medicine,pesticide,dally chenical industry such as powder,liquid,particulate bag packaging.


main technical parameter

1、production speed 单联袋 single bag:40~80袋/分钟(bag/min)
双联袋 double bag:80~150袋/分钟(bag/min)
2、filling volume 单联袋 single bag:200g
双联袋 double bag:50g
3、measurement precision ±1.5%
4、maximum bag size 单联袋 single bag:180(W)225(H)mm
双联袋 double bag:90(W)125(H)mm
5、minimum bag size 单联袋 single bag:85(W)100(H)mm
双联袋 double bag:60(W)70(H)mm
6、maximum film-roll diameter Ф500mm
7、roll's interior diameter Ф70-80mm
8、total power 4.5KW
9、voltage AC380V 50/60Hz
10、net weight 1080kg
11、dimension 3550(L)950(W)2300(H)mm


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