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Automatic carton erector

Product name

Automatic carton erector

Product description

ZT- Carton Erector The main features are automatic binning, automatic vertical box molding, automatic folding cover, automatic sealing function。

main parameter:

1、 voltage:380V/50HZ;

2、 Carton erector speed:5-10 cases per minute;

3、 Max carton specification:L410*W275*H230(mm);

4、 Sealing tape Size:weight 48~60mm;

5、 Gas source:4.6kg~6.5kg,intake pipeφ10;

6、 Storage carton tank can put at least 50pcs without forming the carton once,can be added any time .

7、 The electric system: "Siemens" PLC controller, the text mode of operation, "Schneider" contactor, FESTO and AIRTAC pneumatic components and Chenbang notor

8、 No tape and no carton alarm function;

9、 Carton erector type:Vertical shape, exit height 600mm,opening towards the top after carton forming out

10、 Machine oversize:L2000*W1995*H1460mm;

11、 cloour:White color card;

12、 Carton erector is right into left out.

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