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TSB-150 Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine


TSB-150 Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine

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Product description

Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine is a reference to the international advanced technology independently developed a new type of unit, a large number of high quality stainless steel and high quality aluminum alloy material , reasonable structure, compact , easy adjustment, the control circuit using the touch -screen control , easy to understand . Since the machine completely has new design concept, as well as superior circuit design not only reduces a lot of mechanical adjustment , greatly improving the accuracy of label cutting and production speeds.


1.The machines use the advanced man-machine interface automatic control technology,the key electric elements adopt international famous products. 2.The machine operation, easy to adjust, can be used on production line. 3.The unique design of the knife plate within the scope of the specification, shall not be in knife block, by changing the blade fast and convenient. 4.The unique set of standard methods, using the compression type of label, convenient and reasonable. 5.The whole machine transmission type structure to make changing bottle is extremely convenient. 6.Suitable for 5 ~ 10 "the membrane material, uniform, efficient, and can do, stop action. 7.Can be used in the square and round bottles. 8.the elevating center pillar height is adjusted. 9.Using high sensitivity optical fiber electric eye, precision cut length.


main technical parameter

Capacity ≤7200b/h
applicable bottle diameter 40-125mm
applicable label height 30-250mm
applicable label length 0.03-0.08mm
voltage AC380/220V,50/60Hz
total power 3Kw
net weight 900kg
dimension 2100(L)×850(W)×2000(H)mm


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