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About Us

About Us

Zhongtai Packing Machinery Company develops high quality packaging and bottling production lines. From filling to capping to labeling to storing in cartons for shipping, ZT-Pack supplies you with everything you need to get your product into the hands of customers. Our production lines are used for packaging seasonings, sauces, condiments, syrups, and other foods; beer, wine, soda, and other beverages; cosmetic and beauty care products such as lotions, creams, and shampoos; pesticides and other agrochemicals; and oils and gases. We help customers from over 30 countries around the world to package their products.

Since our beginnings, we've designed our packaging and bottling equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Our filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and carton sealing machines can fill bottles and pouches of varying specifications with high and low viscous liquid and powdered or granular material. We've passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and CE certification, and we're one of the top ten bottle filling machine suppliers in China. Many of our products have received invention and utility model patents.

Our growing company has the advantages of large modern manufacturing facilities and a talented team of 20 senior technical staff. We research and develop new products using pneumatic control and photo electric transduction that increase our products' speed, precision, and life span.

At ZT-Pack, we value collaboration and innovation, working together and with our customers to develop better packaging solutions that keep products fresh and hold up in transit. With quality management and production processes, our packaging machines meet industry standards and satisfy those who use them. Whatever your product, we can package it. Contact ZT-Pack today.

Great value enjoyment

Our maim products as follows: foodstuff, seasoning, wine filling line, daily chemical, cosmetic filling line, pesticide, fine chemical filling line and oils filling lines. Products category: automatic bottle feeder, bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, lid-presser, label machine, shrink label machine, sealing machine, ink-jet printer, case packer, wrapping machine, carton sealing machine and full-automatic intellectual level complex film bagging packer, totally ten series and more than thirty kinds of products. Our products could fill different kind of bottles for water aqua, viscous liquid and powder material. These products are sold to more than thirty countries, three hundred and fifty companies in China and around the world. Our Products are always praised by our users and have high reputation and market in China and in board.


Technological innovation

Zhongtai company always insist to do elaboration and stronger, taking the principle path of professional development, to establish a modern enterprise as the goal, accelerating technological innovation, improve the management ability, the quality management system standards and in strict accordance with the requirements of operation, providing customers with advanced technology, quality and reliable performance of equipment and excellent service. Zhongtai company is always your sincerity, win-win, responsible partner, welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to guide, to discuss ,to choose and buy.


Comprehensive office building covers 12000m2

Now our company has the modern standard factory building and comprehensive office building covers 12000m2,the company has senior technical staff 20 people and a group of skilled and experienced workers.All kinds of researched and development products has been realized photo electricity transduction and pneumatic action and controlled by microcomputer PLC programmable. The products’ technology leads the same kind of product, quality steady and reliable.



users and have high reputation and market in China and in board.Since the company was founded, it always devotes to the research and the development, continuously contributes the new products to the market to meets the customer’s needs. The company has achieved ISO9001: 2008 Quality management system certificate , CE Certification, Audited Supplier of Made-in-China ,member of China light industry association, one of ten famous brand of filling machine and a member of top 100 SMEs. We have obtained many invent patents and 12 utility model patents.

Qualification certification


Why choose us


1.Service of guaranteeing to keep the product

The product has one year's guarantee with it from the day of being tested and qualified. In the guarantee period, the product's damage is not man-made, free repair. (Note: the wearing parts is not in the guarantee period).


2.Debugging service:

The supplier is responsible for dispatching persons to debug and train worker in situ. After qualifying, the demand writes up the acceptance report.


3.Training service:

The supplier and the demand friendly cooperate. The supplier dispatches the technicians to assist installation, debugging, after qualifying and during trial running, train the related operational persons till they can normally use the product and the machine can normally run.


4.Maintenance service: 

When the equipment has troubles which the demand can't resolve them through repair, the supplier should arrive in the scene within 24-48hours after receiving notice.


5.Lifelong service:

After ending the guarantee period, we still offer the lifelong service, and provide preferentially paid wearing parts for you.


6.Parts' service:

Out of the guarantee period, we can provide in time the perfect parts service.


7.Acceptance delivering service:

After the product is finished, per the user's need, the supplier notice the demand in advance to dispatch person going to supplier for acceptance, after qualifying to deliver.


8.Archive service: 

After carrying out the contract, the supplier is responsible for providing the product and its parts, operation sheet, conformity certificate, equipment's material report as well as the relevant information.

The most five superiorities of ZT-PACK

High efficiency --

high qualified rate, high capacity, fast changing

High qualified rate:

The single machine is with high qualified rate, and the whole line is equipped with several testing systems, both to ensure that each product 100% qualified.

High capacity:

The single machine is fully developed the yield, and the whole line is also equipped with intelligent coordination system, 20% higher capacity than the similar machines.

Fast changing:

Modular design, Digital marking indicator, Fast installation structure, to ensure the rapid change.


Economize manpower --

less labor, simple operation, easy maintenance

Less labor:

The whole line is coordinated control, only one operator is enough.

Simple operation:

The whole line is humanized design with automatic operation. The operator can easily master it after simple training.

Easy maintenance:

The easy disassembly structure is easy to maintain and repair.

Running stable --

low failure rate, service in advance, corrosion resistance

Low failure rate:

The whole line is coordinated control, only one operator is enough.

Service in advance:

The whole line is humanized design with automatic operation. The operator can easily master it after simple training.

Corrosion resistance:

The easy disassembly structure is easy to maintain and repair.

Clean working --

no drip, easy to clean, no dust or odor

No drip:

The filling process is well sealed and with recycling device.

Easy to clean:

no dead leg design, meet the GMP certification requirements, fast cleaning and no residue

No dust or odor:

The whole line can be equipped with recycling device.

Nice appearance --

steady, meticulous work, running smoothly


The particular material is used to ensure stable.

Meticulous work:

Each component is made according to the requirements of art.

Running smooth:

The packing process is both smooth and accurate.


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