Pallet Wrapper

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For finished carton packed after wrapping

For finished carton packed after wrapping

Product Description

Major characteristics

Pallet Wrapper Power Pre-stretch ,Turntable diameter: 1500mm ,Wrapping height: 2000mm max ,Max loading weight: 2000kg ,Access ramp not included

Access ramp for 1500mm turntable ,Product Advantage ,Powered Pre-stretch 250% film Savings,Auto detection of load height by photocell , Easy to set up and operate.


Main performance parameter :

Machine controlled by PLC ,

Turntable diameter: 1500mm ,

Pallet size: L 1200mm * W 1200mm ,

Wrap speed: 30 - 40 loads/ hour max

Turntable speed: 3 - 15rpm

soft start & stop

Max load weight: 2000kgs

Wrap height: 2000mm ,Turntable height: 82mm.

Working parameters: cycles, top wraps, bottom wraps, overwrap.

Film carriage type: power pre-stretch 250%.

Carriage lifter: dual chain system, 0 - 5 meters/min, speed dial by inverter

Automatic detection of load height by photocell.

Turntable stops at start position. ,Turntable structure: chain sprocket, with supporting nylon wheels. ,Turntable motor: 0.75kw

Pre-stretch motor: 0.2kw ,Lift slide motor: 0.37kw ,Power supply: 1PH 220VAC, 50Hz

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