Palletizer by servo motor control

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Palletier by servo motor control for finished product and cartons

Palletier by servo motor control for finished product and cartons

Product Description

Major characteristics

Structural Features: The servo palletizer is mainly composed of feed conveyor, slow stop conveyor, positioning conveyor and four-axis servo palletizing device. Its structural design optimization, smooth and reliable action. Palletizing process completely automatic, normal operation without human intervention, with a wide range of applications.

This machine greatly reduces the labor intensity and quantity. Adopting the design concepts of high speed, stable performance, and less space occupation. The pallet coming off is separate, saving a lot of time and is faster. One machine serves several purposes, adjustment is fast so there is no need to worry about when change the palletized products.


Application range: corrugated carton, plastic bucket, bucket-like package, bag-like package
The application of touch-screen operation achieves man-machine dialogue, displaying the production speed, cause and location of failure, high degree of automation. The configuration and layers of the carton, pallet feeding and discharging can all be programmed by PLC.

Main performance parameter :


MD-02 Servo Palletizer

Power Supply

380V  50/60HZ 3.8KW

Applicable Pallet


Palletizing Speed


Palletizing Height

Lower than  2000mm


3200*2500*4000mm (L*W*H)

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