TN-120B Full-automatic glue labeling machine

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Product Description

The type in TN-120B cold glue labeling machine is a new generation labeling machine researched and developed on the basis of absorbing the German advanced technology of same kind of machine only for round bottle. The machine suits for the paper-label-sticking of changing often label sizes and bottle, when the sizes of vessel and label is nearly same, no need change spare parts, only need a few adjustments.The machine is equipped with a pneumatic glue-supplying pump. The glue may be used cyclically. Its operation is flexible and convenient, the label-sticking is correct and smooth, and it is a most advanced glue labeling machine in the market recently.


main technical parameter

1. Capacity ≤7200(b/h)
2. applicable label height ≤150mm
3. applicable label height 80-280mm
4. labeling precision ±1mm
5. voltage AC220V,50/60Hz
6. total power 2Kw
7. net weight 500kg
8. dimension 2400(L)×1100(W)×1150(H)mm

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